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How do I determine what size Keen Kutter I am using?

When ordering replacement parts for your Keen Kutter it is important to know what size you are using to ensure that you are ordering the correct parts for your machine. 

There are 3 ways to check what size you are using:

1.) Check the front of your metal cutting head frame (the grid that holds the blades) near where it says 'Shaver Specialty' on the cutting head, you will see a size indication stamped into the metal. It may say one of these: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"

2.) Look at an old blade envelope, there will be a black line to indicate what size blades are/were in that envelope.

3.) Check on the bottom of your pusher block, (black plastic piece that pushes the food through the cutting head). On the bottom of this plastic piece there will be an imprint molded into the plastic, of the size of that pusher block. It may say one of these: 1/8", 3/16", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8"

What is the difference between Small Blades & Spacer Blades?

Keen Kutters have 2 different types of blades on the cutting head.  Small blades - these are the blades that are more abundant on the head, and are thinner (almost like wire).  Spacer blades: there are 2 spacer blades on each cutting head, which cross in the center, and have notches in them.  These blades help determine the size of the cut, are are size specific to each head.  Small blades are universal, and work on all dicing heads.

Cutting heads need BOTH types of blades to work properly. Small blades are sold in packs of a dozen, and Spacer blades are sold in packages of 2.

Spacer Blades are Size Specific! Be sure to order the correct size for your machine.

How do I contact you?

For Online Orders, email is the best method of contact!

Phone: (310) 370-6941 
Fax: (310) 370-3851 

Our Address: 
20608 Earl St 
Torrance, CA 90503


Can I Pick Up from Your Torrance Location?

Yes! Select Pick-Up at checkout and you will not be charged shipping.  We will notify you via email as soon as your order is ready for pick-up. Generally within 2 hours.  Pick Up hours are Monday - Friday from 9am-3pm.  If you wish to call to confirm your order is ready for pick-up (or you will be late to pick-up), our number is 310-370-6941

How do I replace Blades?

See the diagram on your blade envelope, or the photo below for guidance.

I’m breaking blades, how do I fix this?

First thing, check the alignment.  The pusher block should clear the cutting head (and not hit any blades), every time.  If it does not, we recommend checking the Slide Casting, your bushings may be worn, or perhaps the Slide Rods are not in properly.  Try and locate the exact cause of the misalignment and we are happy to help you determine which part needs replacement.  A worn out pusher block can also cause breakage, be sure to check the pusher block isn’t worn or bent in any place.    

Keeping the machine well-oiled can help prevent misalignment, we highly recommend doing this. (Any food safe oil will work). Depending on the quantity you are cutting, breakage will happen occasionally, but it should not be a regular issue.

How do I maintain my machine?

We recommend cleaning after every use to prevent food build up.  Any light dish soap will work.  Do not ever scrape food of the machine with anything sharp (such a blade, etc), you can cause scratches and damage to the surface.  We also recommend keeping the machine well oiled.  Any food safe oil will work.  Many of our customers prefer vegetable oil as it is a cost efficient option.

You can also view our Machine Maintenance Guide – Available by Clicking on the Link at the Top right of our website.

Can you repair my machine for me?

Yes! We can repair any of our machines, and replace any parts necessary.  Simply ship your unit to us with your name, phone number/contact info, return address, & items you would like /suspect need to be repaired.  We charge for all parts replaced along with labor.  Our current labor rates is $100/per hour.  Upon completion of your unit, we will contact you for credit card payment.  All repair jobs must be paid in full before we ship your unit back to you.

What is the different between the Standard Handle & D-Handle?

We recommend our Standard Handle for counter top cutting.  If you are going to be wall mounting your machine, we recommend getting the D-Handle, as it's easier to grip, and work better for wall operation.  If you are purchasing a new machine, you may purchase with either a Standard or D-Handle.  If you already have a machine, you may purchase just the handle if needed. (We reccomend getting the Handle Bolt Assembly kit with it)

Can I wall mount my machine?

Yes! We do sell a custom wall bracket for our 300 Series manual machine, our Part# TB-100 - available in our online store.  For the 400 Series Power machine - wall mounting is not ideal, but we do have solutions that can assist you.  Please contact us if you'd like more information on wall mounting a 400 Series Power machine.

I’m a Restaurant Parts Distributor, Can I sell you product?

Yes! Please reach out to Lindsay to get a wholesale account set up.  Email:

Do You Export?

We currently do not export our products, but we have several distributors that do!  Feel free to email us, and we can refer to one of our export partners.  Our parts are also available on Amazon through several of our distributors.