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About Us

The Shaver Keen Kutter was invented in 1938 by George W Shaver Sr for the simple fact that his wife, Mrs. Shaver, needed something easier to cut potatoes to make fries in their home kitchen.  At the time, the idea of equipment to help prepare food quicker was unheard of. Fast Food restaurants had not been developed, and many restaurants were still preparing each and every meal with an assembly lines and time consuming methods.
Mr. Shaver began producing these vegetable cutters for family and friends who saw the ease of his wife's new equipment and decided they needed one for themselves.  A machinist at heart, Mr. Shaver began development of different sizes for various types of vegetables, cheese, and fruits.  All produced in-house in his machine shop in Los Angeles, CA.  His son George Shaver Jr., following his fathers foot steps, became a machinist, and started helping out at the his father's business at the age of 13.  George Jr. began further development and even came up with a name, the Keen Kutter.  
Over the course of the next 40 years, George J.r would advance the Keen Kutter with new innovative ideas, including development of an Air Powered model for high production produce companies and farms.  
In the 1980s, George's son, Ron Shaver took over the family business and now operates it with the assistance of his daughter, Lindsay Shaver, making Shaver Specialty a fourth generation run company. Still continuing to uphold the same quality today, as it did in 1938.  The Shaver family prides themselves on their American made product, and the quality that is put into every piece that leaves their building.
From fast food restaurants to the finest steakhouses in America, the Keen Kutter has long been the industry leader in food preparation.  With minor improvements over the years, the Keen Kutter machine has had minimal design changes since its original 1938 model.  We love to hear stories about our customers finding machines in attics and old restaurants, and we are happy to help you restore them to working condition.  
The Shaver family strives to continue to uphold the quality products their family has been making for over 80 years.  Whether you are a small family owned business, or an International Franchise, we look forward to assisting you in finding the precise cut for your application.